Meet the CraZY peopLe


Of course, there wouldn’t be a show without these CraZy people jumping in to pull the whole thing together.

Meet the cast of The Goon Show LIVE!… Click the image of the lunatic you would like to know more about (at your own risk).

Robin QuereeRobin (Spike Milligan) Queree

John StrettonJohn (Peter Sellers) Stretton

Simon LenthenSimon (Harry Secombe) Lenthen

David AttrillDavid (Wallace Greenslade) Attrill

David WatkinsDavid (Mr. Smooth) Watkins

All these loveable characters can’t wait to meet you.

These guys appear in all our tours and shows including our annual Yulefest Blue Mountains event. Have you booked yet? Click here for your tickets.